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Affordable Engagement Rings

Diamonds up to 0.25 ct combined with delicate ring shanks result in wonderfully dainty yet affordable engagement rings.

Inexpensive engagement rings don't have to be simple. Discover our wide range of designs for affordable engagement rings. Choose your favorite and change the colour, alloy and stones until the ring meets your expectations. Make the inexpensive engagement ring your ring, as unique as your love.

Engagement rings from acredo: affordable and enchantingly beautiful.

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The affordable Engagement Ring

In America, there is a rule, that an engagement ring should be worth 3 months' salary. In Germany, the average value of an engagement ring is much lower. However, this cultural difference does not change the appreciation that the engagement ring expresses for the lady of your heart.

Affordable engagement rings with love and quality

Regardless of whether it is an inexpensive engagement ring or a luxury version - important is your love. This love is equally important in both the affordable and the luxury version of the engagement ring. Your personal love story is reflected in your engagement ring. We manufacture every engagement ring, affordable, creative or fancy, with great attention to detail in our manufactory.

Design inexpensive engagement rings

The most important emotional element of an engagement is the proposal. If it comes from the heart, it doesn't matter whether the engagement ring was affordable or expensive. Only love counts. Optimal preparation includes the design of the engagement ring. Discover the endless possibilities at acredo. Decide on a colour for the engagement ring and then choose the cheaper alloy variant. That way you'll be easy on your budget.

With a diamond, no matter how small, your affordable engagement ring gets very special. In addition to the size, the quality of the diamond is decisive for the value of the engagement ring. To make it more affordable, choose the diamond quality that fits your budget expectations.

Best advice for cheap engagement rings

We are happy to assist you in our locations with the selection and design of your inexpensive engagement ring. Our highly trained advisors will be happy to use their knowledge to make your engagement ring beautiful and affordable according to your budget wishes. Engraving also plays an important role . Hide a secret message of love, a drawing or a date in the ring and it gets 100% unique.