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1.0 Carat Engagement Rings

A 1.0 ct engagement ring is a statement of your true love. Be inspired by the 1.0 ct engagement ring designs shown below and create your unique 1 carat engagement ring.

Each 1.0 ct diamond features an excellent cut and GIA certificate.

Combine your 1 carat diamond with a ring design from our Solitaire, Cordial or Charisma collection for a unique proof of love.

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1 Carat Diamond Engagement Ring - 1.0 ct

The perfection of your love

The 1.0 carat engagement ring is a true crowning for your love. Because women have always raved about the sparkle and radiance of the 1 carat diamond. The expressiveness of the engagement ring 1.0 carat will inspire your beloved in everyday life as well as on special occasions. With the 1.0 carat engagement ring, you show how unique the love of your life is for you and set a sign for a bright future together. Perfect as your love, pure as your loyalty and luxurious as a princess - the engagement ring 1.0 carat is an expression of your feelings and radiates warmth of heart.

Pure luxury: 1 Carat Engagement ring in platinum

The precious 1.0 ct diamond deserves to be paired with a high-quality precious metal. That's why we recommend precious platinum or warm 750/- gold (18 ct) as the alloy for your 1.0 carat engagement ring. A classic solitaire ring puts the 1.0ct diamond centre stage and is the true classic among engagement rings.

An excellent cut such as the brilliant cut as well as a unique ring setting from our Solitaire, Cordial or Charisma collection make your 1.0 ct ring perfect. An excitingly glittering 1.0ct diamond in harmony with the finest precious metals - this is how you succeed in creating a unique proof of love.

Perfection times three: the 1.0 carat engagement ring at acredo

As perfect as your love and the quality of the 1.0ct diamond is the creation of your one carat ring in our manufactory. Excellent cutting, excellent setting of the diamond as well as exquisite integration into the ring band - our goldsmiths work with expertise and sure instinct to complete your engagement ring 1.0 carat. This guarantees you excellent wearing comfort and years of enjoyment from your 1 carat ring. Choose a 1 carat engagement ring from acredo with international certificate and delight your lady of the heart with an engagement ring 1.0ct in a class of its own.