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Rings, earrings and necklaces accompany us throughout our turbulent daily lives. We recommend regular care and inspection in order to keep the splendour of your precious metals and the lustre of your stones.

We want you to enjoy your jewelry for a very long time. Your jewelry possess not only a materialistic value but are also associated with many wonderful memories.

Pay us a visit and make use of our service. We look forward to welcoming you.

Model rings

Model rings

The configuration unfolds unbelievable opportunities. On the other hand, it also asks you as a customer to make many decisions. You determine the height, width, color, size, stones etc. Some decisions are easy, some more difficult.

At acredo we have model rings on offer that support you as much as possible in your decision-making process and to avoid any insecurity.

The model rings are silver and have the same form, width, height and size as your dream rings, which allows you to develop a perfect feeling of what it would be like to wear them.

We need approximately 14 days to make these rings. Please bear this time frame in mind when planning the purchase of your rings. The price of the model rings can be offset against the order.

Should you require additional details such as grooves, stones, surface structures or engraving, this is also possible at an additional charge.

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Caring for jewelry

Wedding rings and engagement rings are subject to wear and tear in daily life. We wear them everywhere and all the time; after all, we want to constantly feel their symbolic power of love.

Our hands are in action all day long. We do housework, turn door knobs, take hold of banisters, etc. All these actions leave their mark on our jewelry, especially on rings.

Therefore, we recommend you to visit your acredo partner from time to time. In addition to inspecting the jewelry, please allow us to carry out professional cleaning.

To care for your jewelry at home on a regular basis, you will be given a polishing cloth in the acredo case and even a matting sponge for wedding rings. This enables you to reinstate the wonderful surface of matt rings yourself.

We also recommend you to put your gold jewelry from time to time in a warm water bath and then to dry it with a polishing cloth.

When not being worn, please keep your jewelry in a soft material and separate from each other. They will be thankful and keep sparkling for you.

Stone and setting inspections

Stone and setting inspections

Most wedding rings nowadays have one or more stones. In jewelry, the stone is a dominant design feature that attracts everyone’s attention.

To make this last, you should have the stone and setting checked regularly by our professionals. We like to offer this service in order to ensure continued and unclouded joy with your jewelry.

The hardness of minerals is measured in Mohs on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness. The scale goes from 1 to 10.
Diamonds are the hardest mineral at 10 on the Mohs scale. Corundum, which includes sapphires, follows at 9 on the Mohs scale. In addition to its beauty, this is the reason acredo often uses sapphires.

Mechanical impacts can cause settings to change. The stone could get lost. In order to avoid losing the stone, we highly recommend you to have your jewelry inspected regularly at an acredo shop.

Professional reconditioning

Life not only leaves its mark on humans, but also and especially on rings. Over time, the original polish of the surface appears more matt, and a ring that was originally matt, looks more polished.

The impact of wear and tear on a ring varies and depends on the hardness of the material used. In turn, this has an impact on the possibilities of reconditioning.

When reconditioning gold, extremely fine layers are removed, whereby the surface of metals from the Platinum family such as Palladium and Platinum can be reinstated with hardly any rubbing.

We offer you professional reconditioning of your rings by the professionals in our workshop if your jewelry has been subject to hard wear and tear and you would like it to shine again.


Inspiring. 100% Unique. International.

Re-sizing a ring

Re-sizing a ring

There are many reasons why a ring size can change. Maybe you have decided to wear your ring on another finger. Maybe your fingers change depending on the time of day - thinner in the morning, thicker in the evening. Maybe you have gained or lost weight.

Typically a woman’s ring size is between 5 to 7 and a man’s between 8 and 11 There is a wide range of ring sizes above and below that.

Depending on the ring model, re-sizing a ring requires more or less effort. Changing a classical uni-colored ring by one or two numbers is significantly easier than changing a ring with a diamond band. This usually has to be remade completely.

We carry out any change to the ring size you need. Let our specialists in the shops give you advice.

The acredo case

The presentation and safekeeping of a piece of jewelry must be celebrated. And the acredo case was created exactly for this purpose.

Golden and beige tones surround the piece of jewelry, while giving it the centre stage. The inner material has a wonderful feel. It feels smooth and velvety and gives your jewelry the best possible protection.

As a special service and for safekeeping, you will also be presented with a small bag for your wedding ring. The enclosed certificate provides you with important advice on jewelry care.