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Luxury Style

Stunning, breathtaking, beautiful - this is how the luxurious wedding rings and engagement rings from acredo can be described.

The Luxury Style is a firework of diamonds. Small and large diamonds in different shapes delight with their sparkle day after day. Perfectly crafted ring shapes are true hand caressers that simply feel good.

Create your own dream - in life, in love and in your rings.

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Luxury Style Wedding Rings - A Firework of Diamonds

Many girls dream of a wedding with lots of glamour and glitter. Our luxurious wedding rings with excellent diamonds match this dream.

Luxurious love symbols

A luxury style wedding requires glamorous, high-carat love symbols. The acredo collection "Celebration" enchants with breathtaking rings set with extraordinary diamond bands for a life together. Each diamond in these wonderfully luxurious wedding rings commemorates a special moment. With sparkling diamond bands, you celebrate life and love and hold on to your shared memories for eternity.

Luxurious platinum for eternity

The allure of diamonds in fully set ring bands sets off the bride's luxurious look for a lifetime. As a material for their wedding rings, couples who love luxury prefer noble and precious platinum as well as high-carat yellow gold. These classics among alloys in combination with whitish shimmering diamonds look simply stunning.

Luxury diamonds

The exclusive Luxury ring models with brilliant-cut diamonds not only impress with their timeless beauty, but also with the uncompromising quality of excellent, internationally certified diamonds.

There can't be enough glittering diamonds for the engagement ring and memoir ring in glamour style either. The acredo luxury collection, whether as a single ring or in a set, is characterised by opulent stone setting. Discover ravishing ring dreams and get inspired.